NVIDIA Users of cheap graphics cards are more likely to

NVIDIA: Users of cheap graphics cards are more likely to skip one generation in anticipation of the next

NVIDIA representatives have already determined that no more than a quarter of all GeForce owners currently own graphics cards of the Ampere and Turing generation. Therefore, in the coming years, provided that the deficit is overcome, the fleet of gaming graphics cards will be updated very actively. At the same time, it is known that buyers of cheap graphics solutions tend to skip a new generation of graphics cards for the next.

Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

Similar assessments at the event Needham Growth Conference said Colette Kress, CFO of NVIDIA. In their opinion, the maximum penetration rate of any graphics architecture is typically 50% of the user base. Now, Ampere and Turing together don’t take up more than 25% of that base, so the potential for upgrading the graphics card fleet remains considerable. The Turing family came first, followed by Ampere, but both offer hardware-accelerated ray tracing for gamers. Amp generation graphics cards are spreading to the market twice as fast as Turing and four times as fast as Pascal, as the company recently discovered.

However, it cannot be argued, as Colette Kress notes, that consumers are bound to buy every new generation of graphics card. Part of the audience skips a generation in anticipation of the next. This trend is particularly evident in the lower price segment, adds the CFO of NVIDIA. Simultaneous presence in sales of current and previous generation graphics cards is a common practice, she said.

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