NVIDIA TSMC MediaTek and other semiconductor companies are accelerating development

NVIDIA, TSMC, MediaTek and other semiconductor companies are accelerating development with AI

As chip design becomes more expensive and time-consuming, chip designers and manufacturers are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize their costs and speed time-to-market. To date, more than 200 IC designs have been developed using Synopsys DSO.ai Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software, and the number is growing rapidly.

    Image source: Amedac

Image source: Amedac

By the end of 2022, 9 of the top 10 semiconductor vendors will be moving fast with 100 commercial AI projects, said Aart J. de Geus, CEO of Synopsys, at the last shareholder meeting. — Today the number is over 200 and continues to grow very rapidly as the industry makes extensive use of AI to design Synopsys“.

The increasing complexity of chips requires designers to use the latest technologies to make them competitive, causing development and production costs to skyrocket. It costs about $300 million to manufacture a medium-complexity chip using the 7nm process, with software accounting for nearly 40% of that cost. According to International Business Strategies (IBS), the cost of developing an advanced 5nm chip is over $540 million, including software costs, while the price of a similarly complex 3nm GPU is around 1, $5 billion, with software security also falling by about 40%.

Earlier this year, Synopsys announced the release of a full set of AI design tools. “We launched the industry’s first full-stack AI-driven EDA suite: sydnopsys.ai. In addition, we are extending AI to the entire design stack, including analog device development and manufacturing.‘ said de Geus. Nearly all major chipmakers are now using AI-powered EDA tools, although not everyone is willing to confirm this.

Announcement partners include NVIDIA, TSMC, MediaTek, Renesas and IBM Research. They all provided amazing examples of using Synopsys.ai to achieve breakthrough results.added de Geus.


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