NVIDIA SoftBank has offered to acquire arm of the company

NVIDIA: SoftBank has offered to acquire arm of the company, and the future deal does not threaten Intel or AMD

According to the report published by American NVIDIA and British chip developer Arm, the purchase of the latter was not originally an initiative of NVIDIA. Arm’s current owner, SoftBank, made an offer to sell.

Source: NVIDIA blog

Source: NVIDIA blog

While NVIDIA is currently working hard to convince UK regulators and the media of the value of a $ 40 billion acquisition, evidence that SoftBank initiated the sale is provided by a recent UK Competition and Markets Authority press release (CMA) confirmed.

“NVIDIA Didn’t Offer SoftBank to Take Over Arm”– says the companies’ joint report published on the UK government website. Accordingly, NVIDIA is a strong proponent of the x86 ecosystem and has developed computing platforms for PCs and data centers on the corresponding architecture over the course of its history. Intel and AMD make industry-leading processors and chipsets suitable for many industries and products, including the proprietary NVIDIA DGX system and supercomputers like the Cambridge-1, the company said.

One of the top industry worries is that the combined forces of NVIDIA and Arm could seriously undermine the position of tech giants like Intel and AMD. As stated in the companies’ statement, “A viable alternative ecosystem will fuel the growth and demand for NVIDIA platforms. It will also encourage the x86 giants to refresh and expand their offerings, which will benefit NVIDIA as well. “

Source: Thomas1311 / pixabay.com

Source: Thomas1311 / pixabay.com

NVIDIA stressed that Arm’s independent IPO, proposed by some structures and institutions, would hardly make the latter a success – it likely would not allow the company to raise the funds it needs to develop. At the same time, the merger offers the opportunity to significantly increase investments in the development of Arm’s research facilities.

NVIDIA also responded to critics of the deal, saying Arm’s market potential is not as great as some believe – the merger would not pose much of a problem for competitors. If a UK company had the attributed ability to control the market , it would regularly report “fantastic” sales growth and huge profits.


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