NVIDIA may release new version of GeForce RTX 3050 with

NVIDIA may release new version of GeForce RTX 3050 with Ampere GA107 chip and lower TDP

NVIDIA’s decision to use a stripped-down version of the GA106 GPU instead of the full-fledged GA107 in the desktop version of the GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card seemed somewhat unexpected and has been attributed to the manufacturer’s still-current lack of semiconductors and willingness to adapt to the Supplier Capabilities. But if you believe the information from the editor-in-chief of the resource IgorsLAB Igor Wallosek, NVIDIA is also preparing a GA107 version of the graphics card.

NVIDIA may release new version of GeForce RTX 3050 with

In the original version, the desktop GeForce RTX 3050 has 2560 CUDA cores, 80 texture mapping units, 32 rasterization units and 20 RT cores on board. Additionally, the developer has halved its number for an entry-level graphics card with the support of 16 PCIe Gen4 lanes on the GA106-150 processor. This was clearly done to match the specs of the GA107, which may appear in an alternate version of the same model.

Mr. Vallosek pointed out that the GA106 and GA107 chips are pin-compatible, meaning graphics card manufacturers don’t need to make global configuration changes – the swap only affects the GPU and BIOS. According to the source, the new version of the GeForce RTX 3050 will also have reduced power consumption: in the version with the GA106, the TDP is 130 W, while in the GA107 it will drop to 115 W. Igor’sLAB hasn’t indicated when NVIDIA might offer an updated version of the GeForce RTX 3050, but if it does, it has a chance to become the most popular GeForce RTX 30 series.



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