NVIDIA made new concessions for the purchase of Arm – they will be considered by the European Commission and the clients of the companies

Agencies Reuters and Bloomberg With reference to the official information of the European Commission, it was reported that NVIDIA proposed new conditions that should help accelerate the negotiation of the deal on the purchase of the British developer of processor architectures Arm. The amount of the deal, we recall, will be $ 54 billion, and it should be closed by the end of next year, although NVIDIA originally expected to meet it by March 2022.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

Before October 27, customers and partners of both companies will have to decide whether they are happy with the concessions offered by NVIDIA. They retain the right to demand their expansion, or to extend the terms for agreeing the terms by another four months. In this case, the parties to the transaction can count on its conclusion by September next year, not earlier. As NVIDIA explained earlier, Japanese company SoftBank, which sells Arm assets, is ready to wait until the end of 2022.

What concessions are being discussed at this stage, the EU authorities refused to disclose, referring to the confidentiality of information. Market participants had different assessments of the effect of a potential deal on the situation in the semiconductor industry. Qualcomm and Google have expressed concern about the potential negative impact of the deal on competition, with support for NVIDIA from Broadcom, MediaTek and Marvell Technology. The founder of Arm also opposed the deal, in the UK he found many like-minded people. NVIDIA initially had to guarantee not only the openness of the Arm platforms, but also the expansion of the company’s staff in Cambridge. A specialized supercomputer center will also be built here with NVIDIA funds.

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