NVIDIA is preparing an SDR to HDR converter for games

NVIDIA is preparing an SDR to HDR converter for games – you can already try it out unofficially

NVIDIA is preparing a software update that will allow you to convert SDR gaming content to HDR in real time using Tensor Cores. One of the users of the NexusMods platform published toolwhich will help evaluate this function in practice before its official release.

  Image source: nexusmods.com

Image source: nexusmods.com

A game converter from SDR to HDR was found in hidden TrueHDR profile settings in NVIDIA 511.23 (and later) drivers. It is supposedly a development of the similar RTX Video HDR converter, designed for converting video, not games. The presence of such a tool is difficult to overestimate: many games still do not support HDR, and in supported titles its implementation is far from ideal – just remember the release of Starfield, which was devoid of HDR calibration tools, one of the largest in Microsoft’s product range.

There’s little incentive for developers to spend enough time developing HDR content: making a game with SDR and HDR doubles the amount of work that needs to be done for color grading, but the increased labor costs actually go towards the needs of the relatively small number of users who can take advantage of HDR today. Many HDR monitors, although labeled accordingly, cannot provide high enough brightness to display an HDR image. With the advent of the converter from NVIDIA, the task of developers will be simplified. NVIDIA does not yet have an official release date for this feature – perhaps it is still unfinished.


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