NVIDIA is developing a technology that allows graphics cards direct

NVIDIA is developing a technology that allows graphics cards direct access to SSDs

NVIDIA, with the help of IBM and a number of third parties, has developed technology that makes graphics cards less dependent on CPUs by giving future GPUs direct access to SSD resources.

Image source: nvidia.com

Image source: nvidia.com

The technology is called BaM (Big Accelerator Memory) and it allows the GPU to directly access the SSD via the PCIe bus, almost without consuming the CPU power, as it is the case now. Graphics cards can read and write data to and from SSD independently of the CPU, which also reduces the load on the graphics card’s own memory. This solution also eliminates the need for developers to integrate with solutions like the DirectStorage API.

BaM technology will significantly speed up the work of gaming computers, although the authors of the project developed it mainly with an eye on “heavy” computing tasks and machine learning systems. Direct access to SSDs also allows graphics cards to handle higher resolutions, improving rendering performance. This technology is currently in the prototype stage, and the developers have not yet determined when it will be launched.



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