NVIDIA has released a graphics driver with support for Skull

NVIDIA has released a graphics driver with support for Skull and Bones

NVIDIA has released a new graphics driver package GeForce Game Ready 551.52 WHQL. It adds support for the game Skull and Bones, which uses DLSS Super Resolution technology.

  Image source: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

The new driver also adds support for CUDA 12.4 and RTX Video HDR technology, which is designed to improve the quality of the image transmitted in streaming using AI. An “Auto” function has been added to the RTX Video Super Resolution driver settings. In addition, there is support for Ultra Low Latency Mode in games with DirectX 12.

List of fixed issues:

  • Fixed a problem with microfreezes in games when the vertical sync function is enabled;
  • Fixed problems with microfreezes in the game Red Dead Redemption 2 on laptops with Advanced Optimus support;
  • The update fixes stability problems during long gameplay in the game Immortals of Aveum;
  • Possible freezes when scrolling in web browsers on some system configurations have been fixed.

List of known issues:

  • Problems displaying video through Netflix when using the Edge browser. It is recommended to use the Netflix app for Windows as a workaround;
  • random freezes of PCs with GeForce GTX 10-series and RTX 20-series video cards when Windows Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling and NVIDIA SLI functions are simultaneously enabled;
  • Some system configurations may experience intermittent stuttering when scrolling through web pages in browsers.

You can download the GeForce Game Ready 551.52 WHQL driver through the GeForce Experience application or from the official NVIDIA website.

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