NVIDIA has released a driver with support for Alan Wake

NVIDIA has released a driver with support for Alan Wake II and Ghostrunner 2

NVIDIA has released a new graphics driver package GeForce Game Ready 545.92 WHQL. It provides support for Alan Wake II, which uses DLSS 3.5 upscaling and DLSS Ray Reconstruction (DLSS-RR) technologies.

    Image source: Remedy Entertainment

Image source: Remedy Entertainment

The new driver also adds support for Ghostrunner 2 with NVIDIA DLSS 3 upscaling technology. GeForce Experience adds optimal quality settings for Alan Wake II, Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Lords of the Fallen.

Enabling Ray Tracing and DLSS in Alan Wake II on GeForce RTX graphics cards automatically enables Ray Reconstruction, which not only improves image quality but also increases performance. Beam reconstruction is 14% faster than previous methods.

With Frame Generation, Ray Reconstruction and Super Resolution enabled, the GeForce RTX 4090’s frame rate increases by 4.1x, allowing you to play Alan Wake II at maximum quality settings and over 120 fps at 4K resolution.

At 1440p resolution, the average frame rate increases three times, allowing Alan Wake II to be played at over 80 fps on GeForce RTX 4070 and above.

There is a 2.7x performance increase when using 1080p resolution.

List of fixed issues:

  • Fixed an issue with overexposed colors on the desktop after closing the VR application.

List of known issues:

  • a significant drop in performance in Halo Infinite on Maxwell series graphics cards;
  • When a user switches to Windows, a new NVIDIA icon is created in the taskbar every time.
  • You may have issues installing NVIDIA Control Panel from the Windows Store.

You can download the GeForce Game Ready 545.92 WHQL driver from the official NVIDIA website or via the GeForce Experience app.

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