NVIDIA has released a driver with DLSS 3 support for

NVIDIA has released a driver with DLSS 3 support for Naraka: Bladepoint and Warhammer: Vermintide 2

NVIDIA has released a new graphics driver package GeForce Game Ready 545.84 WHQL. It provides support for DLSS 3 image scaling technology for Naraka: Bladepoint and Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

    Image source: NetEase Games

Image source: NetEase Games

The new version of NVIDIA software also adds support for TensorRT acceleration for the Stable Diffusion neural network, increasing its performance by up to 2x. Additionally, the driver provides support for CUDA 12.3 as well as RTX Video Super Resolution version 1.5 image upscaling technology to improve video quality in Chrome and Edge browsers. Now RTX VSR can also work with GeForce RTX 20 series (Turing generation) graphics cards.

List of fixed issues:

  • Fixed occasional black screen flickering on some monitors when using Display Stream Compression mode.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect color display on monitors after the display wakes up from sleep mode.

List of known issues:

  • a significant drop in performance in Halo Infinite on Maxwell series graphics cards;
  • A new NVIDIA icon is created in the taskbar every time a user changes in Windows.

You can download the GeForce Game Ready 545.84 WHQL driver from the official NVIDIA website or via the GeForce Experience app.

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