NVIDIA has improved the performance of video encoders on GeForce

NVIDIA has improved the performance of video encoders on GeForce

NVIDIA has improved the performance of the video encoding components built into GeForce graphics cards and updated data corporate website. Previously, the NVENC encoder would handle up to three video streams, but now most graphics cards for which driver updates are released can handle five. These features have always been present in consumer video cards, but have been limited by software.

The company did not specify when the changes will take effect, but the service announced Internet Wayback Machine, Three-stream encoding was already mentioned on March 18th on the NVIDIA website. Therefore, in order to unlock new features of graphics cards, in all likelihood the latest version of the drivers is required. In some cases, changes to the video quality settings may also be required.

The increase in performance will be noticed by owners of most GeForce graphics cards up to Maxwell-based products from 2014, with the exception of some models of the MX series for budget laptops. It is likely that these graphics cards lack the necessary hardware components. The list includes the old NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti and most GeForce 900, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series graphics cards. The set of supported codecs and color depths depends on the graphics card.

Many of the graphics cards on the list could handle more video streams, but NVIDIA still limits their capabilities at the software level – they’re unlocked on professional Quadro and RTX series workstation accelerators. Third-party software solutions also exist, but the consequences of using them can be unpredictable.


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