NVIDIA has become the worlds largest chip developer in terms

NVIDIA has become the world’s largest chip developer in terms of sales, leaving AMD and Qualcomm far behind

The third quarter is coming to an end, but that doesn’t stop the specialists TrendForce Summarize the second one. They found that the total revenue of the top ten integrated circuit developers rose 12.5% ​​to $38.1 billion over the past period, and nearly 30% of that amount came from NVIDIA, which grew its own revenue sequentially by 68.3 % increased to $11. 3 billion, significantly outperforming the competition.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

In comparison, second-place Qualcomm posted second-quarter revenue of $7.2 billion, down 9.7% quarter-on-quarter and allowing it to control just 18.8% of the market by value, compared to 23.5% in the previous year. The reason for the company’s negative sales dynamics, as TrendForce representatives explain, is the sluggish demand for smartphones, on which the company is heavily dependent.

In the case of NVIDIA, we recall that in the second quarter its revenue in the server segment increased by 105%. Computing accelerators with the Hopper and Ampere architecture as part of the HGX systems, as well as the InfiniBand network infrastructure necessary for their operation, were in high demand. In terms of revenue, NVIDIA controlled 29.7% of the semiconductor components market among the ten largest companies in the industry at the end of the second quarter. Companies that produce the chips they developed themselves, such as Intel and Samsung Electronics, were not included in the assessment.

    Image source: TrendForce

Image source: TrendForce

Broadcom retained third place with revenue of $6.9 billion, but its market share fell sequentially from 20.4% to 18.1%. The company’s revenue from the supply of components for network storage systems, network broadband solutions and wireless networks fell, and the increase in demand for components for AI systems could not fully compensate for this.

In fourth place is AMD with sales of $ 5.36 billion, which grew by a symbolic 0.1% sequentially, while the company’s market share also fell in monetary terms from 15.8 to 14.1% under pressure from NVIDIA. Fifth place was occupied by Taiwanese company MediaTek, with revenue growth of 1.5% to $3.2 billion and a market share of 8.4%, which also fell from 9.3% in the first quarter.

In general, among the top ten suppliers of self-developed chips in the second quarter, with the exception of NVIDIA, which leads the list, only Novatek and Realtek, which took seventh and eighth place, respectively, were able to strengthen their market positions in monetary terms. Their sales increased by 24.7 and 32.6%, respectively, and if in the first case this was favored by an increased demand for televisions, then in the second case it was favored by the demand for components for laptops and PCs.

According to TrendForce forecasts, in the third quarter, if current market trends continue, the top ten market leaders will continue to increase their overall sales by double-digit percentages and will certainly update the historical record.

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