NVIDIA fixed a bug that caused Discord to slow down

NVIDIA fixed a bug that caused Discord to slow down graphics cards

Nvidia reported about the release of an update that addresses a recently discovered issue where the Discord client running in the background was slowing down the clock speed of some graphics cards. The update will be downloaded automatically when you log into Windows, and most users don’t need to waste time with drivers or other software.

The issue specifically affected systems with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards and was allegedly caused by a recent Discord update. The bug prevented graphics cards from reaching maximum clock speeds – the difference was about 200MHz. As a result, performance in games dropped, which is of course critical since Discord was created only for gamers.

    Image source: twitter.com/nvidiacc

Image source: twitter.com/nvidiacc

The bug will be closed in the application profile update format, NVIDIA said. It used to be possible to fix it manually, but the recipe was quite complex: it required downloading the GeForce 3D Profile Manager program, and then exporting, editing, and then importing a profile. The manufacturer did not recommend that novice users perform all these actions, and now it all happens automatically.


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