NVIDIA expects to improve GPU availability by the second half

NVIDIA expects to improve GPU availability by the second half of the year

At a rare industry conference with NVIDIA representatives, timing to fix the graphics card shortage in the retail market is not discussed, and JP Morgan was no exception. CFO Colette Kress had to speculate that in the second half of the year market supply will catch up with demand.

Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

As explained Company spokeswoman NVIDIA expects to achieve “top form” with product deliveries in the second half of the calendar year. Demand, she said, exceeded supply, especially in NVIDIA’s gaming business. The company is now working intensively with suppliers to remedy the existing imbalance. At the same time, this holiday season was characterized by good sales.

The demand for graphics cards continues to be fueled by participants in the cryptocurrency market, but NVIDIA management prefers to explain at every opportunity that this factor does not have a material impact on the company’s business. To divide the target group into two segments, the company offers game lovers LHR graphics cards with artificially limited performance for mining cryptocurrencies, and professional miners have the option of purchasing specialized CMP accelerators, which often do not have ports to connect monitors and come up with a reduced guarantee. The company believes this separation is very effective.

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