NVIDIA Broadcast was taught to mimic the users gaze when

NVIDIA Broadcast was taught to mimic the user’s gaze when looking away – using AI and deepfake

The streaming software NVIDIA Broadcast received an interesting feature. The application can imitate the user’s gaze into the camera lens, even if they are looking in a completely different direction. The AI-powered eye contact feature replaces the image of the eyes by imitating them with a “gaze” aimed directly at the camera. True, it doesn’t always work properly.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

According to the developers, the eye contact function simplifies video recording and frees the user from having to look closely at the camera lens. So you can communicate with distant interlocutors, read irrelevant information or at the same time type text on the keyboard. NVIDIA claims that “simulated” eyes are the exact same color as real ones, plus support for turning off the feature if the user is looking too far away.

You can judge the quality of the function on the demo video: on the left a video of the camera without edited content, on the right the video of the neighboring camera after editing by NVIDIA transmission. It’s easy to see that eye contact is still not an entirely ideal solution – sometimes the eyes move haphazardly and the iris widens or narrows. If desired, you can see other defects. However, for an interlocutor who is not looking closely at the screen, the difference is not so noticeable.

In recent years, NVIDIA has been actively investing in machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence systems based on neural networks. The eye contact function is a clear confirmation of this.

In addition to Eye Contact, other features and capabilities have been implemented in NVIDIA Broadcast. Among them: new effects such as vignettes as well as tools for blurring, replacing or removing the background in the video. In order to work with the software solution, you must have an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card on your computer.

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