NVIDIA because of burned RTX 4090 connectors 50 cases

NVIDIA – because of burned RTX 4090 connectors: 50 cases known, users are to blame, but the warranty case

NVIDIA has finally issued an official statement on the issue with fusible 12VHPWR power connectors on GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards. A week-long investigation by the company revealed that the connector was misconnected to the connector.

NVIDIA said it is aware of about 50 cases of reflow connectors worldwide. To date, the company has concluded that a common cause of the problem is that “The connector is not fully inserted into the graphics card“. In fact, the specialists of the GamersNexus YouTube channel, who conducted their independent investigation, recently came to similar conclusions.

    Above - incompletely inserted connector, below - fully inserted connector

Above – incompletely inserted connector, below – fully inserted connector

The company noted that it is exploring different approaches that would allow users to ensure the connector is properly connected before turning on the graphics card. So far, NVIDIA recommends that you connect the power connector to the graphics card first, make sure it’s fully inserted with no gaps, and only then plug the graphics card into the motherboard’s PCIe slot.

NVIDIA also noted that they are working with partners to support customers and provide an expedited warranty process for graphics cards,”regardless of the cable or card used“.

NVIDIA continues to investigate reports of melted connectors and is looking at ways to ensure the card is properly connected to power. At the same time, the company did not say whether the recent change to the existing design would entail or other drastic measures. Also note that NVIDIA’s claim of 50 cases indicates that the issue is not all that common as NVIDIA and its partners have clearly sold tens if not hundreds of thousands of GeForce RTX 4090s worldwide.

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