NVIDIA Ampere gaming architecture is spreading in the market many

NVIDIA: Ampere gaming architecture is spreading in the market many times faster than its predecessors

Colette Kress, CFO of NVIDIA, spent most of his half-hour presentation at the JP Morgan conference answering questions from the host and investors. After discussing the situation with the lack of graphics processors, she described the pace of expansion of gaming solutions of the Ampere generation, which turned out to be many times faster than that of their predecessors.

Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

Specifically how explained Ms. Kress, in the gaming segment, Ampere’s architecture is spreading twice as fast as Turing and three times as fast as Pascal, the latter being very popular. GeForce RTX family graphics solutions actively increased NVIDIA’s core revenue from February to November last year, both through increased sales volumes and an increase in average sales price.

All of this gives NVIDIA executives hope that the GeForce RTX family, which enables accelerated ray tracing at the hardware level, will increase its share of the user base over the next two years. Now it reaches almost 25% if we talk about all the NVIDIA graphics cards in use. The company’s efforts to saturate the graphics card market should normalize prices, the company’s chief financial officer added. Well, and it is not particularly afraid of competition from discrete Intel graphics cards, it has been actively fighting for a place in the market for all the years and now has a developed software ecosystem at its side.

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