NVIDIA admits that gaming graphics cards are driving crypto hashrate

NVIDIA admits that gaming graphics cards are driving crypto hashrate growth

NVIDIA representatives usually avoid answering directly to the question of the ability of miners to significantly influence the availability of gaming graphics cards in the marketplace. But the company has now admitted that gaming graphics cards “can impact the world’s cryptocurrency mining capabilities“.

Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

At the event Needham Growth Conference Colette Kress, NVIDIA’s CFO, said the company still lacks the tools to accurately assess the impact of cryptocurrency on sales of GeForce gaming graphics cards. The company has long tried to segregate audiences using the LHR restriction mechanism and special CMP cards, but is cautious about their effectiveness. At the same time, the company believes that the measures of dividing the audience into miners and gamers, which are expressed in the supply of accelerators for CMP mining and gaming video cards with the mechanism of LHR restrictions, are very effective.

The CFO of NVIDIA does not presume to say why the hash rate of cryptocurrencies continues to grow. According to her, it can be either GeForce or AMD gaming graphics cards or direct CMP accelerators as well as specialized solutions based on ASIC. Any of these factors can affect the performance of cryptocurrency mining in the world, the whole question is how much.

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