NVIDIA A100 Computing Accelerator with pre installed water cooler for liquid

NVIDIA A100 Computing Accelerator with pre-installed water cooler for liquid cooling

NVIDIA is preparing another version of those announced last June PCIe versions of the A100 compute accelerator based on GA100 GPU (Ampere architecture). The novelty is distinguished by the presence of a water block for connecting to a liquid cooling system. resource reported. graphics card e.gwho published the picture of the novelty.

    Image source: videocardz.com

Image source: videocardz.com

It’s worth noting that pre-installed water blocks aren’t typical for compute accelerators, of which the NVIDIA A100 is a part – when liquid cooling is used in finished systems, server manufacturers adopt water blocks. However, NVIDIA seems to have decided to simplify the task for partners by offering its own solution with the brand’s inherent elegance. The cooling system occupies only one expansion slot, and at the end, next to the 8-pin power connector, is a pair of herringbone connectors for heat input and output.

We immediately note that NVIDIA has already released the A100 liquid-cooled accelerator. But it was an SXM version of the accelerator used as part of a “desktop supercomputer”. DGX A100 station. And for the PCIe version of NVIDIA A100, third-party water blocks have been on the market for quite some time, for example, from the well-known company EK Water Blocks.

In general, NVIDIA’s decision, although not yet officially confirmed, reflects the general trend towards an increasingly active use of LSS in the server segment.


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