Nreal AR glasses to support Steam Game Streaming

Nreal AR glasses to support Steam Game Streaming

Chinese manufacturer of augmented reality glasses Nreal announced beta support for the Steam platform for Light and Air devices – their owners will be able to cast games from a PC to the device screen. The release of the beta version of the service is scheduled for the end of the month.

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The company acknowledges that the Steam client beta may be unstable in the initial stages: it “requires some setup and is not optimized for some games on Steam”. However, compatibility with DiRT Rally and the Halo series is promised. The manufacturer promised that the games will be displayed on a 200-inch HD analog screen.

Nreal Light’s augmented reality glasses are designed to be paired with a Samsung or OnePlus smartphone. They’re less functional than professional solutions like Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens, but that’s more than offset by a modest price tag of $599 for this device category.

A major problem for Nreal so far remains the small amount of compatible content – in particular, there is no support for streaming services such as Netflix, so users have to transfer an image from Android applications to the glasses displays. To address this issue, the company is running an AR Jam developer contest that offers financial incentives for creating fitness and art apps. In addition, Nreal plans to create a long-term fund to support augmented reality projects.


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