Now Im imagining the future of gaming A story mod

“Now I’m imagining the future of gaming”: A story mod adds GTA V AI characters based on ChatGPT’s analogue

Enthusiast Bloc has released an Inworld Sentient Streets mod for Grand Theft Auto V that adds a new story mode with characters animated using the Inworld AI Character Engine and the ElevenLabs neural network speech synthesizer.

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In a new story mode, separate from the main game, users take on the role of a Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) agent. The hero is confronted with the dangerous sect of the NihilAIsts (“Nihilists”) who are trying to take control of the city. Convinced they live in a video game, the cultists worship the AI ​​as their god. For three days, the protagonist and his three partners will try to stop them. Players will have to deal with that “eccentric cultists, sneaky cops and clueless normal people”.

The player is given freedom of action: he can elicit information from criminals in various ways, use persuasion tactics and even accept bribes. However, it is important to remember that decisions can affect the behavior of followers and have long-term consequences.

The main feature of the mod is the ability to have real-time conversations with NPCs on free topics while preserving the context of the dialogue. You can communicate with them using your own voice through a microphone. According to Bloc, more than 30 AI models have been added to the game, trained using the company’s virtual character creation tool. in-world (better suited for video games analogous to ChatGPT). In addition, thanks to the integration of an AI-based speech synthesizer ElfLabs NPCs have been given realistic voices.

The Mod Block features are demonstrated in the following 26 minute video. While patrolling the city, he accepted a bribe from a girl who drove her car into the pool and asked her not to tell her father, making his companion even more testy. The modder spoke to his partner about various topics, including his past and cultists. In one of the dialogues he joked: “If life is a video game, then it has a very flawed physics engine”.

“Now I represent the future of gaming”wrote in the comments kyj001210.

You can download the mod below Nexus Modsand instructions are available Here. Note that you need to install the Script Hook V library and create an account on the site in-world. On too GitHub Inworld Sentient Streets source code is available for everyone. Only English is supported.

Previously, another modder diversified communication with NPCs using ChatGPT in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and another enthusiast used a chatbot to create quests in the same game.

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