Nothing Phone 2 will be released this year it

Nothing Phone (2) will be released this year – it will be a high-end smartphone than Phone (1).

Nothing plans to launch its next-gen smartphone, the Phone(2), later this year, CEO Carl Pei told Inverse. While the release of Phone (1) was aimed at countries in Europe and Asia, the future Phone (2) will focus on the US market.

“We have decided to make the US our #1 priority in terms of markets,” said Pey. Nothing’s focus on the US market was clear earlier this month when the company announced it was launching a beta testing program for US customers to purchase the $299 phone(1).

However, Nothing warned that the smartphone will not receive support for AT&T’s 5G networks, and coverage on Verizon’s networks will be very limited. That said, Nothing has decided to test the hardware with this program, but its smartphone will not be the main choice for US buyers.

“If you make a smartphone for the US, you have to work with carriers to certify some of their features and adapt them to your operating system. Pei told Inverse. — We didn’t have resources for this before, but now we have them. Now that we are on a stronger footing, we can take a step forward.”.

Today, Nothing reportedly employs around 400 people, while in 2021 the number of employees was half that.

According to Pei, about a third of their headphone sales come from the United States. That means if the company doesn’t ship a smartphone to the United States, it could lose a third of its sales. And while that doesn’t mean Nothing will be opening a US retail store anytime soon, the topic will be discussed following the opening of its first store in London, Carl Pei said.

Speaking about Nothing Phone (2), he said that it will be a higher-end smartphone than its predecessor and the company will focus on software for it. “We have about 100 software people on our team, and I brought in a lot of people I’ve worked with before.” said the head of nothing.

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