Not everything is as it seems A mysterious stranger has

“Not everything is as it seems”: A mysterious stranger has become the protagonist of the new teaser for the next Mass Effect

November 7th (N7) is the unofficial day of BioWare’s Mass Effect series every year. This time the celebration was limited Developer’s message to fans with another encrypted message and a new teaser.

    Image source: Steam (BLASTER)

Image source: Steam (BLASTER)

In a congratulatory post on the Electronic Arts website, executive producer and head of the Mass Effect franchise Mike Gamble thanked fans for their support and dropped hints about the future of the series.

“Who really died?” Who had children with whom? What does a baby volus sound like? What about all the galaxies? And the ends! What the hell is going on with our asari scientist turned shadow broker? And what about Sh—it doesn’t matter, you know?”Gamble says.

Gamble assured that there are answers to all of these questions, but they will have to wait and see: “Anything we say won’t be easy to find, just like our other N7 Day teasers.”.

You didn’t have to go far to find the puzzle – there was a binary code hidden in the text of the publication. He took fans to three short video clips (epsilon, Oculon, Fog), which resulted in a 30-second video (attached above).

The new teaser shows a mysterious female figure (face obscured by a helmet) wearing an armored coat marked N7. Gamble Calls Take a closer look at the video and commands: “Not everything is as it seems”.

The upcoming Mass Effect was confirmed in fall 2020 and has not yet left pre-production. The game is expected to be released after Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (no earlier than April 2024), another BioWare development.

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