Not a real game yet but not a movie yet

Not a real game yet, but not a movie yet, the writers of Kena: Bridge of Spirits have lifted the veil of secrecy over their new project

Developers of the independent American studio Ember Lab, which released the fantasy-adventure action game Kena: Bridge of Spirits almost two years ago, are already working on a new project. The information was confirmed by the company’s COO Josh Grier (Josh Grier) and creative director Michael Grier (Michael Grier). interview

    Image source: Ember Lab

Image source: Ember Lab

Ember Lab leaders didn’t say in detail what their new game will be, but tried to alert journalists to its scope and nature. The team wants “Try to do something more ambitious”but at the same time “digestible” for the masses.

“We’re still trying to consciously create something that’s easy to understand and that we, as players, want to play now, in our current pace of life, with kids and other concerns.”said Josh Grier.

In an interview with, the developers also made it clear that their next project might not even be a game in the usual sense. Being filmmakers by trade, the Griers admitted that they wanted to work on works with a linear structure. Details will follow later.

Remember that Kena: Bridge of Spirits debuted on September 21st, 2021 on PC (EGS), PS4 and PS5. The game offers an opportunity to search for the sacred mountain altar while learning the mysteries of a lost settlement whose forest has become a trap for wandering spirits.

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