Norway starts installing 360 kW charging stations for electric vehicles

Norway starts installing 360 kW charging stations for electric vehicles

The Swedish-Swiss company ABB has started installing Terra 360 charging stations in Norway – as the name suggests, their power reaches 360 kW. The first of these stations was built in the country’s second largest city, Bergen, as well as in the Norwegian ski resort of Geilo.

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As explained in FIG, Terra 360 supports simultaneous charging of up to two cars, dynamically distributes the power and reaches a value of 360 kW – which, according to the manufacturer, is enough to fully charge an electric car in just 15 minutes. Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB E-Mobility, pointed out that Norway is leading the world in the transition to electric transport.

It’s hard to disagree: there are now more than 600,000 electric vehicles in the country, and Sweden has already sneaked up on its neighbor. And by 2025, Norway wants to be the first country in the world to only sell electric vehicles. With the help of local energy company Eviny, more than 400 high-performance power plants have already been installed at more than 150 locations across Norway.

The most powerful charging station in Europe was installed in the Spanish province of Biscay at the Ugaldebieta service area on the busy A-8 motorway. The system, built by the Spanish energy group Ingeteam and the German chip manufacturer Infineon, was put into operation in October 2019 – the station has an output of up to 400 kW. As stated in Infineon, which is enough to charge the battery of an electric car to 80 percent in just 10 minutes. Of course, if the machine supports such performance.


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