Northvolt led by an Apple American will accelerate the development

Northvolt, led by an Apple American, will accelerate the development of advanced batteries using AI

The growing need for traction batteries for electric vehicles is attracting new players to the market, and European company Northvolt is one of them. In order not to lose out in the competition to the Chinese heavyweights, the company is ready to introduce artificial intelligence technologies into the production and development of batteries, and a former Apple expert will support it in this.

    Image source: Northvolt

Image source: Northvolt

As explained BloombergSiddharth Khullar, who joined Northvolt, was an artificial intelligence researcher at Apple and so assembled a team of machine learning experts at Northvolt’s headquarters in Sweden to accelerate product testing and the pace of technological progress in general. According to Kullar, the time required to develop new battery technologies can be partially halved through the active use of artificial intelligence. The same group of researchers can use AI to conduct twice as many experiments per unit of time.

At least through the use of artificial intelligence systems it is already possible to reduce the costs of control processes without compromising product quality. Northvolt, for example, involves around 4,000 quality control companies in its activities. The battery manufacturing process generates such large amounts of data that humans simply cannot process it effectively without the help of artificial intelligence.

Northvolt is now expanding battery production in Sweden and plans to build plants in Germany and Canada. The company managed to attract $9 billion in capital and its backlog stands at $55 billion. Volvo Car, BMW, Polestar and Volkswagen are ready to become Northvolt customers. Sidharth Kullar worked at Apple for more than six years, developing sleep tracking technology for Apple Watch and autonomous driving features. He joined Northvolt a little over a year ago and has already recruited 18 specialists to his team. In his opinion, AI cannot replace ten years of experience in production, but it makes it possible to better systematize and analyze information and make better decisions.

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