Non overclockable Raptor Lake Refresh processors are already on sale in

Non-overclockable Raptor Lake Refresh processors are already on sale in China, although Intel has not yet introduced them

Chinese online trading platforms are flooded with low-end models of 14th generation Intel Core processors (Raptor Lake Refresh) with a locked multiplier and a TDP level of 35 or 65 W, writes VideoCardz. This would not be surprising if it were not for one nuance: these chips have not yet been officially presented by the manufacturer.

    Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

This is not the first year that Intel has faced the problem of selling its not yet officially released processors through various secondary trading platforms. In most cases, the manufacturer does not worry about this, since new chips usually require buyers to support motherboards and BIOS firmware, which are available only when official sales of new processors begin. However, the situation is different for 65W Raptor Lake Refresh processors without the “K” suffix and energy-efficient T-series models with a TDP of 35W. These processors are fully compatible with older motherboards for which manufacturers have already released the required BIOS firmware versions.

For example, younger models of Raptor Lake Refresh processors can already be found on the Chinese secondary trading platform Goofish. A few days earlier, the entry-level quad-core model Core i3-14100 appeared there. You can now also find a Core i5-14400F with 10 cores and 16 threads, a Core i5-14500 with 14 cores and 20 threads and even a 35 W Core i5-14500T. In addition, each sample offered has an official marking with a QR code on the heat spreader cover.

How exactly these processors ended up in the hands of sellers of secondary trading platforms is unknown. It is very likely that these are qualification samples that Intel usually sends out to various hardware and software companies several weeks or even months before the official release. This allows them to prepare for the upcoming market launch of processors by carrying out all the necessary compatibility tests.

It is noteworthy that Intel itself has not yet officially announced when exactly it will introduce the remaining models of the Raptor Lake Refresh series processors. So far, the manufacturer has only released three older models, Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K and Core i5-14600K, as well as their variants without integrated graphics.

As previously reported, Intel will hold a presentation on December 14th. But as expected, it will only be dedicated to the official announcement of the Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake-HX mobile processors. Typically, Intel announces junior models of new series desktop processors at the CES international electronics trade fair in early January.

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