Noctua releases offset cooler brackets for AMD AM5 processors

Noctua releases offset cooler brackets for AMD AM5 processors

Austrian cooling manufacturer Noctua has announced the release of new mounting brackets for balancing its CPU coolers with AMD Ryzen 7000 chips. The mounting kit allows the heatsink to be moved 7mm towards the bottom of the socket so that it sits directly over the cored chiplets. According to the company, improved contacting at this particular point in the processor can reduce the chip’s temperature by 1-3°C.

    Image source: Noctua

Image source: Noctua

With the latest AMD Ryzen processors, the chiplets are not in the middle, but a little further down the CPU. By positioning the heatsink directly over where the crystals are placed and providing optimal contact pressure where it matters most, thermal performance can be greatly improved. According to Noctua tests, using the NM-AMB mount can reduce the temperature of the processor by 1-3 °C. However, the value may vary due to different heat flux densities, CPU and heatsink inaccuracies, and other factors such as the application of thermal paste.

Although primarily designed for Socket AM5, offset mounting brackets can also be used on Socket AM4, where they can slightly reduce temperatures on Ryzen 5000 and 3000 series processors. , much less, typically less than 1 °C instead of the 1-3 °C that can be achieved with the AM5.

The company has prepared Several variants Mounting kit suitable for various cooler models. The new offset mounting plates are available from today for €4 on the manufacturer’s website and €5 on Amazon. A set of brackets for select Noctua cooling systems will be added starting in Q4.


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