Noctua releases cooler mounts for scalped Ryzen 7000

Noctua releases cooler mounts for scalped Ryzen 7000

Noctua has released a set of special NM-DD1 enthusiast standoffs designed for using cooling systems with AMD Ryzen 7000 processors with the heat distribution cover removed, i.e. directly on the CPU chips. Developed in collaboration with the famous German enthusiast Roman “der8auer” Hartung, the kit supports many models of Noctua cooling systems.

    Image source: Noctua

Image source: Noctua

According to Noctua, scaling the CPU (removing the metal cover) and installing the cooler directly on the surface of the CPU chips typically lowers the maximum CPU temperature by 10-15°C. They also add that in some cases temperature drops of almost 20 degrees Celsius have been observed, which leaves a significant margin to either reduce the noise of the cooling system or additionally overclock the processor automatically or manually.

The new NM-DD1 Spacer Kit can be used in conjunction with the Socket AM5 Offset Cooler Mounting Bracket Kits (NM-AMB12, NM-AMB13, NM-AMB14, and NM-AMB15) that increase the CPU operating temperature further lower, not only a CPU with installed heat distribution cover, but also in cases where the processor cover is removed, since in this case the pressure of the cooling system is concentrated closer to the area where the CCD crystals with processor cores are located. According to Noctua, the use of offset cooler mounting brackets usually achieves an additional reduction in CPU temperature of two degrees Celsius.

The NM-DD1 kit includes special standoffs that are placed under the mounting brackets to secure the cooling system to the motherboard to compensate for the height of the removed thermal shield, as well as longer screws to install mounting brackets with standoffs installed. All other parts, including a special tool for scalping the processor, as well as a special frame for the processor socket, are necessary to compensate for the height of the removed heat distribution cover of the processor and to protect its crystals from damage when directly installing the processor cooling system are sold separately.

The spacer kit NM-DD1 can only be purchased from Official Noctua website. According to the manufacturer, the price is 4.90 euros. Alternatively, enthusiasts can 3D print their own spacer kit using the STL files published at (NM-DDS1 spacer for radiators with two-piece mounting bracket and a mounting distance of 83mm, NM-DDS2 spacer for radiators with solid mounting bracket and a mounting distance of 78mm). Mounting brackets with 3D printed standoffs require the use of four M3x12 screws in the case of the NM-DDS1 or one M4x10 screw in the case of the NM-DDS2.

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