Nobody but Sapphire presented the Radeon RX 7800 XT in

Nobody but Sapphire presented the Radeon RX 7800 XT in the reference version

AMD has confirmed that it will not release the Radeon RX 7700 XT for reference (Made by AMD, MBA). The implementation of the map is entrusted to partners who publish it in custom versions. However, the company’s partners can use reference versions of the older Radeon RX 7800 XT model. In this form, the cards will be available through the official AMD online shop. It is remarkable that apart from Sapphire, no one has presented the RX 7800 XT in the reference version.

    Image Credit: Sapphire

Image Credit: Sapphire

At the time of this writing, Sapphire was the only AMD partner presenting the Radeon RX 7800 XT with a reference cooler. In addition, the manufacturer previously announced custom versions of the Radeon RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT in their proprietary Nitro+, Pure and Pulse versions.

Visually, the Radeon RX 7800 XT in Sapphire’s reference design does not differ from the MBA version. The only difference lies in the commercial packaging of the accelerators. It is important to clarify that graphics cards from MBA (from AMD itself or its partners) are almost always identical. Usually they have the same design and component base, only the stickers on the cards themselves and the packaging may be different.

Due to the fact that sales of the Radeon RX 7800 XT model will start on September 6, the lack of further announcements of new items in the MBA version fundamentally calls into question its appearance. It should also be added that the reviewers have in their hands exactly the reference version of these graphics cards. Reviews of new products will be available on September 5th, one day before the official launch.

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