“No” to constant online: Hitman GOTY Edition was removed from sale in GOG due to player dissatisfaction

Hitman – Game of The Year Edition was released by IO Interactive on the GOG store on September 22nd, and almost immediately the game began to receive negative reviews. It turned out that offline stealth action allows only story and bonus missions to be completed, and an Internet connection is required to access all other content (Escalation missions, elusive targets and user contracts).

Source: IO Interactive

Source here and below: IO Interactive

Users recalled that the GOG administration promised to publish DRM-free games in the store. After more players found out about the availability of protection, the Hitman – Game of The Year Edition rating began to be actively underestimated. GOG said it would fight the bombing by any means possible. Yesterday, October 8, the store still decided remove the game from sale.

“We are in dialogue with IO Interactive. Today we removed Hitman GOTY from the GOG catalog – as you noted, we shouldn’t have released the game in its current form. We are sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused. We let you down. Thank you for sharing this issue with us. “, – wrote a service representative.

It is not yet known if the action will return to the virtual shelves of GOG.

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