NitroPhone 2 Introduced The Pixel 6 version for those

NitroPhone 2 Introduced – The Pixel 6 version for those with privacy concerns

In the fall, Google presented the latest generation of the flagship Pixel 6 smartphones. Now, a few months later, the German company Nitrokey, which specializes in the manufacture of devices with increased user protection, has presented the NitroPhone 2 and the NitroPhone 2 Pro, the each modified with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and running on the secure GrapheneOS.

Image source: Nitrokey

Image source: Nitrokey

Like the NitroPhone 1, which is a modified Google Pixel 4a, the NitroPhone 2 and 2 Pro offer both software and hardware privacy controls. GrapheneOS uses the Google Titan M2 security key to authenticate the user when changing privacy settings. The operating system offers the user functions such as an “automatic emergency switch” with which you can switch off the smartphone after a certain period of time, the option of encrypting the layout of the PIN and much more. In addition, Nitrokey customers can order a smartphone without cameras, microphones or any sensors with which the user can at least theoretically be spied for an extra charge of 300 euros.

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GrapheneOS does not come with Google services pre-installed, but they can be installed after purchase. Special software prevents applications from accessing sensitive data, including IMEI, SIM card numbers, MAC address and more.

It’s worth noting that privacy comes at a high price. While the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro cost € 649 and € 899 respectively, the NitroPhone 2 costs € 899 and the NitroPhone 2 Pro € 1255. It’s worth noting that Pixel 6 users can buy and download GrapheneOS even on your smartphones.

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