Nissan expects to align the price of hybrids and internal

Nissan expects to align the price of hybrids and internal combustion engine cars by 2026

While Tesla management is hiding a recipe from investors for halving the cost of producing electric vehicles, other automakers are showing concern about the problems involved. The Japanese company Nissan Motor took the course to reduce the cost of components of power plants in order to reduce the cost of their production and development by 30% in the period from 2019 to 2026.

    Image source: Nissan Motor

Image source: Nissan Motor

In fact, this should allow Nissan to align the prices of hybrid cars and ICE cars by 2026, as well as make EV power plants more compact and lighter. One of the points of this program is the transition to the production of batteries with solid electrolytes, which use cheaper materials in their manufacture compared to nickel and cobalt.

Nissan will carry out a broad unification of electric drive components across the entire model range, from 2024 or 2025 ultra-compact models, called kei-cars in the Japanese market and enjoying tax advantages in this country, will be more actively equipped with traction batteries. Reducing the mass of electric vehicle power plants will not only help them travel more distance on a single charge, but also feel more confident on soft surfaces like snow and sand.

By 2030, Nissan Motor plans to introduce 27 new models with electric traction motors, of which 19 models will be battery electric vehicles. All major car manufacturers pursue their developments in the field of batteries with solid electrolytes or finance them on the side. Such batteries are believed to increase energy storage density, increase fire safety while increasing cold resistance, not to mention the ability to reduce the unit cost of the traction battery required to equip the average electric vehicle with the same mileage without recharging.

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