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Nioh + Ninja Gaiden + Sekiro + Mario Kart: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty details from the foreign press

The foreign press got a preview of the action game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The publications revealed the technical and gameplay details of the upcoming project, noting the resemblance to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and also released gameplay footage.

    Image source: GameInformer

Image source: GameInformer

Game Informer claims that Team Ninja is targeting a broader range of players with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty than they did with Nioh. However, developers are still inspired by FromSoftware projects, although they offer a unique system – in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players can vary the enemy’s difficulty in real time.

At the heart of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a morale level system that increases as you defeat enemies and decreases as you take damage. It can be recovered by killing the enemy that tripped you. The system is similar to collecting souls in Dark Souls after death. Enemies also have morale levels, and from this you can tell how strong the enemy is in front of you.

The Game Informer journalist also noted the dynamic combat system, which punishes the player even if he misses just one hit on his character. But as he said, this is the first project that gives him the same parrying and dodging pleasure as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Also, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty presents the story differently than FromSoftware games. Rather than conveying the story through environments and item descriptions, players are treated to detailed scenes and characters with diverse personalities. That is, according to journalists, the story is told to the player, and not the player himself is looking for it. At least that’s how it was in the first two chapters of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

IGN also noticed the morale system after five hours of play, but told a little more about it. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will feature checkpoints in the form of flags that increase character resilience. Morale cannot go below a certain stamina threshold.

In addition to fighting spirit, when killing opponents, the character receives Chi units – a currency that allows you to improve skills, weapons and much more. By the way, the main character can hold two weapons at once.

Literally every attack in this game can be thrown back at the enemy. One IGN journalist compared the mechanic to Mario Kart’s jump boost. From melee attacks to projectiles like arrows and fireballs, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty lets you turn any form of threat into an opportunity – most importantly, hit the time window. The IGN journalist was also impressed by the bosses. In his opinion, the boss named Aoye’s design alone is enough to make a lasting impression.

Finally, The Mako Reactor tested an early PC build of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and confirmed that it was capped at 30fps and 60fps. The game supports ultrawide displays and resolutions up to 4K, as well as the ability to set the rendering resolution to a minimum of 50%.

The pre-build doesn’t support NVIDIA DLSS technology, but there are settings for HDR, texture quality, shadows and clouds, volume fog resolution, reflections, shading, and v-sync. Also, the developers have made it possible to set the font size for subtitles, notifications, and other text.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out March 3rd on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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