Nintendo Switch became the best selling console in the US in

Nintendo Switch became the best-selling console in the US in February

how informed Mat Piscatella, chief executive and video game industry advisor at NPD Group, tweeted that as of February 2022, the Nintendo Switch console has overtaken the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in the US in both sales and revenue.

Nintendo Switch became the best selling console in the US in

February’s success offset Switch’s weak sales in January, with both rivals coming out on top, with the PS5 coming out on top. The competition between Japanese brands suddenly escalated when it emerged in September that Sony’s new console overtook the Nintendo console, which had been the undisputed leader for nearly three years. The celebrations didn’t last long, however: the new Switch OLED managed to take the company back to strong sales and take the lead in November and December last year. According to the 2022 interim results, Switch was ahead in terms of the number of units shipped, while PS5 brought in more revenue.

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Switch delivers strong sales figures primarily through the actual availability of the consoles in stores. The global shortage of semiconductor components has made it almost impossible to buy the PS5 and Xbox Series X without paying resellers. And the Switch, which recently turned 5 years old, is still easier to find in stores despite a 20% cut in set-top box production due to semiconductor shortages. Perhaps the consoles’ market share will change once the shortage is overcome.



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