Nintendo promises not to increase the price of the Switch

Nintendo promises not to increase the price of the Switch console in the near future

The Japanese manufacturer announced that prices for the Nintendo Switch games console will not increase in the near future. BUT at the same time it was noted that in the future everything will depend on the market situation, which makes it clear that price increases in the distant future are not excluded.

    Image source: Nintendo

Image source: Nintendo

Bloomberg columnist Takahashi Mochizuki said that during Nintendo’s quarterly reporting conference, company officials were asked about a possible price hike for the hit Nintendo Switch console, which has already sold 114.44 million units worldwide. In response, Nintendo executives assured that the company would not increase the price of the Switch for the time being, although it would continue to monitor the situation and weigh everything carefully should such a move become necessary.

Given the global economic situation, accompanied by high inflation, it would not be surprising if the Japanese company would nevertheless increase the price of the Nintendo Switch. But as Takahashi Mochizuki noted, it would be a departure from the company’s current position, which has so far avoided raising the prices of its products.

Note that Sony has already increased the price of the PlayStation 5 in many regions. And Xbox CEO Phil Spencer admitted last month that Microsoft is selling Xbox Series X/S gaming consoles below cost, hoping to “recoup” by selling accessories and games. He also noted that the company won’t be able to raise prices forever – they may be reviewed after the New Year holidays.

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