Nintendo plans to ramp up Nintendo console releases starting in

Nintendo plans to ramp up Nintendo console releases starting in April

Fiscal year in the calendar of the Japanese company Nintendo ends at the end of March and the Agency Bloomberg reports, citing informed sources, that it will ship 21 million Switch game consoles in the past 12 months and will even increase the production volume of this platform, which is older by market standards, in the next fiscal year.

    Image source: Nintendo

Image source: Nintendo

The six-year-old console continues to enjoy steady demand, sources say, which has redistributed somewhat over time due to supply issues with semiconductor components that have arisen during the pandemic. In November, Nintendo lowered its own forecast for the number of games consoles produced to 19 million units. The company is now informing its partners and suppliers that it intends to increase the production volume of its Switch consoles in the coming financial year. At the same time, the company has not yet decided how many consoles to release during this period.

According to experts at UBS Securities, Nintendo Switch sales were not great last fall season even taking into account the improved chip supply situation. At this point in the console lifecycle, consumers are already tempted to look at next-gen product leaks and refrain from buying existing consoles. If Switch sales exceed 19 million units at the end of the fiscal year and exceed that mark in the next fiscal year, the console can sell more than 150 million copies over the entire period of its market presence. So far, only the Sony PlayStation 2 has been able to surpass such a milestone in this segment.

The game is expected to be released in May of this year. the Legend from zelda tears from the kingdom, so even Nintendo Switch owners might consider buying a second copy of the console if it has an attractive themed design. Nintendo’s plans for the coming fiscal year could be revised downwards if demand doesn’t meet the company’s expectations.

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