Nintendo 3DS on Ryzen and Windows Introducing the foldable portable

Nintendo 3DS on Ryzen and Windows: Introducing the foldable portable consoles AyaNeo Flip DS and Flip KB

AyaNeo has introduced two new portable gaming consoles – Flip DS and Flip KB. The manufacturer first introduced both new products in October last year, and now their full technical characteristics and cost have been revealed.

    Image source: AyaNeo

Image source: AyaNeo

The AyaNeo Flip DS and Flip KB consoles are similar to each other in their foldable form factor, 7-inch displays with a 120 Hz refresh rate and processors. The devices are produced based on both the Ryzen 7 7840U mobile chip and the newer Ryzen 7 8840U. Both processors feature eight Zen 4 cores with 16 threads and speeds of up to 5.1GHz, along with 16MB of L3 cache and an integrated Radeon 780M GPU with 12 execution units. The newer chip has a more powerful XDNA neural engine. Both processors have a TDP of 28 W. The consoles received cooling systems with an evaporative chamber and a fan.

The special feature of the AyaNeo Flip DS console is that it is equipped with two displays. The main screen of the new product on an IPS matrix has a diagonal of 7 inches, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and supports a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The additional screen is also IPS. It has a size of 3.5 inches (3:2 aspect ratio) and supports a resolution of 960 × 640 pixels. The presence of a second display makes the console look like a Nintendo 3DS console.

The AyaNeo Flip DS version of the console is distinguished by the presence of a keyboard instead of a second screen. The use of Hall effect triggers has been announced for consoles, as well as a touch panel that functions as a mouse. Both set-top boxes are equipped with 16, 32 or 64 GB LPDDR5X-6400 RAM and a 512 GB or 2 TB SSD. There is no version for 1TB permanent storage.

For gamers who want to increase the graphics performance of their consoles, the developer has provided USB4 and OCuLink ports that allow you to connect external graphics cards. However, the manufacturer has not prepared its own external graphics solution.

The basic version of the console with keyboard, Ryzen 7 7840U, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD costs $699. However, this price only applies to early buyers. It will retail at $899. In the maximum configuration with 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB of fixed storage and the same processor, the set-top box costs $ 1,199 (for early buyers) or $ 1,399 at retail. The version of the set-top box with an additional screen is about $40 more expensive in all configurations.

    Prices for AayNeo Flip KB

Prices for AayNeo Flip KB

Ryzen 7 8840U set-top box options start at $739 for the Flip KB version (with keyboard) and $779 for the Flip DS (with additional screen). In the maximum configuration, the retail cost is $1,439 and $1,479, respectively.

    Prices for AayNeo Flip DS

Prices for AayNeo Flip DS

AyaNeo Flip DS and AyaNeo Flip KB with Ryzen 7 7840U processor will go on sale in March this year. Set-top box options based on the Ryzen 7 8840U will appear at the end of April.

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