Nikola Signs Agreement to Build Hydrogen Filling Stations in North America

Electric vehicle manufacturer Nikola has signed a memorandum of understanding with OPAL Fuels. The document deals with the construction and operation of hydrogen filling stations throughout North America.

Source: engadget.com

Source: engadget.com

According to a preliminary agreement, the two companies will launch a joint project to develop technology that will accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. In addition, it is planned to study the issue of using synthetic renewable natural gas.

In the initial stages, the project will focus on infrastructure for private companies involved in the delivery of goods. Based on the results, a decision will be made on whether it makes sense to expand the project to work with individuals. OPAL has already built 350 renewable natural gas stations to date.

“Today marks another important step in the implementation of Nikola’s announced plans to develop energy infrastructure and provide customers with hydrogen fueling services.”Said Pablo Koziner, Nikola’s president of energy and commercial operations. This project opens up the opportunity for the automaker to offer not only its own products, but also a range of services related to it for the maintenance of electric freight vehicles and the supply of energy resources.

Recall that not so long ago Nikola signed a similar agreement with Bosch, which plans to supply the automaker with hydrogen fuel modules. In this regard, Nikola is going to expand the area of ​​its factory and expand its staff.

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