Nikola guarantees the ability to deliver 300 to 500 electric

Nikola guarantees the ability to deliver 300 to 500 electric trucks this year

In March, the American company Nikola Motor, which competes with Tesla in the segment of electric freight transport, announced the start of deliveries of serial traction units for long-distance transport. In total, 11 vehicles had been delivered to customers by April, official reports showed, and Nikola’s management also assured that nothing jeopardized its plans to produce 300 to 500 Tre electric trucks by the end of the year.

    Image source: Nikola Motor

Image source: Nikola Motor

The electric vehicle market has seen supply disruptions and rising traction battery prices in recent months, but this week Nikola assured Investors that its suppliers have given guarantees that the automaker will be provided with everything needed to produce the planned number of Tre battery trucks this year. But the range specified by the company “from 300 to 500 pieces” also leaves room for manoeuvre.

In the second quarter, Nikola expects to raise between $15 million and $18 million and ship about 30 electric trucks with a range of up to 560 km. Potential customers have already sent official letters to the company expressing their interest in purchasing several electric trucks. The Nikola Tre will also be offered in a hydrogen fuel cell version, which will provide a range of around 800 km and can be refueled in twenty minutes. In the first quarter, the company earned $1.89 million by supplying mobile charging stations for its battery trucks.

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