Nightdive showed off new screenshots of the System Shock remake

Nightdive showed off new screenshots of the System Shock remake and their games’ work on Steam Deck

The independent American studio Nightdive on the Kickstarter crowdfunding service released March development update for the upcoming remake of the cult shooter System Shock.

Image Credit: Nightdive Studios

Image Credit: Nightdive Studios

Recall that from the previous call to the creators, it became known that the updated System Shock can already be completed from start to finish, and the team is polishing and refining the levels.

The developers did not provide revelations of this magnitude in the March update, but they assured them “Finish Line Approaching”and released six fresh screenshots of the System Shock remake.

Images (only one available in high resolution) show the prettier cyberspace and cargo deck (warehouse) of the Citadel space station.

Additionally, the March Development Update for System Shock Remake included a 1.5 minute video (attached below) showing several Nightdive Studios games on Steam Deck.

The video includes footage from projects such as Turok, Turok 2, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, System Shock 2, SiN: Gold, Shadow Man Remastered, and PowerSlave: Exhumed. The trailer description also mentions Quake, Doom 64 and Blood.

The System Shock remake is expected to be released later this year on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PS4 and Xbox One. Also, in the last update, Nightdive mentioned the release of the game on consoles and the current generation.


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