Night Street Lamp Author 14 minutes of Alan Wake II

Night, Street, Lamp Author: 14 minutes of Alan Wake II gameplay starring Alan Wake in a nightmarish version of New York

That’s not the only thing the developers of the psychological horror Alan Wake II from Remedy Entertainment have brought to gamescom 2023 new game trailerfeatured on the Opening Night Live show, but also a dozen and a half minutes of gameplay.

    Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

While author Alan Wake works on a fateful story in the Dark House, FBI agent Saga Anderson arrives in the town of Bright Falls to investigate a series of ritualistic murders.

Revealed at gamescom 2023, more than 14 minutes of Alan Wake II gameplay is devoted to Alan’s adventures in the Dark House (the developers already showed gameplay for the saga), which has taken the form of New York.

The hero wanders the rain-soaked, empty streets of New York at night, rides the subway and even takes part in a scene with live actors – the hapless writer is still played by Ilkka Villi.

In the “Subway” it turns out that Alan can influence the shape of the Dark House: a connection to an imaginary “story board” Depending on locations and story elements, the character can further unlock the path.

According to screenwriter Sam Lake, there will be fewer fights in Alan Wake II than in the first part: In the video on the GamersPrey YouTube channel, the protagonist encounters enemies only a few times, but there are almost always significantly more than bullets in the clip.

Due to the recent postponement, Alan Wake II is not expected to be released on October 17th, but ten days later, which is October 27th. The game is being developed for PC (Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Two additions are already planned – “Night Keys” and “Lake House”.

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