NFT became “word of the year” according to the compilers of the famous Collins Dictionary

NFT is used relatively recently, but the technology itself has already contributed to the infusion of billions of dollars into the art industry, even special NFT museums have appeared. It’s no surprise that a surge in popularity has propelled NFT to the pinnacle of success in a rather unexpected field.

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Compilers of the famous dictionary Collins dictionary named NFT “word of the year”. It is noteworthy that this is not even a word, but an abbreviation that stands for non-fungible token – “non-fungible token”, which Collins defines as “A unique digital certificate registered on the blockchain used to record ownership of an asset such as a work of art or collectible item”

Other technology-related terms also dominate the Word of the Year list. In particular, the second and third places are taken by metaverse and crypto. In addition to them, the words “cheugy” – a slang definition of something “not cool” and no longer in line with trends, and, for example, climate anxiety (climate anxiety) – stress caused by climate change, got into the “top”.

Most of the words are rather slang, but they perfectly reflect modern reality. For example, pingdemic is among the leaders. The word is associated with frequent public notifications from contact-tracking app users. The term is especially common in the UK, where a National Health Service app designed to counter COVID-19 often notifies users to self-isolate.

The winning words were chosen from the so-called. Collins Corpus is a database of over 4.5 billion words, acronyms and phrases.


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