New World developers canceled the transfer of characters to another region, although they promised to add it

Players in New World criticized Amazon for canceling the ability to transfer new MMO characters from one region to another. Some gamers have announced that they will quit playing because they will have to pump the heroes again.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Due to the fact that New World faced large queues on the servers at the release, the technical support of the project, among other things, advised players to choose other regions, promising that such characters could be transferred in the future. Now Amazon has said that the transfer will only be possible within one region.

Players from Europe have moved to the Eastern US region to at least play on the day of release. I can’t believe we’re going to have to stay here now. The choice of the region when transferring must be added “, – wrote one of the players in New World.

The transfer also has other limitations. For example, players cannot choose a crowded world or send characters to a world in which they already have a hero.

The carry-over feature will be added to New World next week. The developers have stated that they need more time to fix bugs.

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