New UI and overlay pasting over games and notes A

New UI and overlay, pasting over games and notes: A major update to the Steam client has left the “Beta” phase.

In April, Valve began beta testing an update for the Steam desktop client. To date, June 15, the improved version of the application has passed the necessary tests and become available to all users of the service.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

Valve points out that the most important changes remain hidden: these are improvements to the general code for the Steam client, Big Picture mode and the Steam Deck software, intended to make it easier to add new features and to implement improvements.

The most notable change is the redesigned user interface: among other things, menus, dialog boxes, fonts and colors, the top and bottom area of ​​the client, the settings area and the screenshot manager have been updated.

Among other things, the update brought improved notifications (new settings, history page) and a completely redesigned in-game overlay (new interface, features, more customization options).

Windows from the overlay (manuals, discussions, achievements, browsers) were allowed to be pinned over games. The possibility is also available for created notes (another innovation) – they support inserting images and are also displayed in offline mode.

Full changelog includes improvements to the controller experience and support for hardware acceleration on the Mac and Linux versions of Steam. This makes animations smoother, scrolling faster, and the UI more responsive.

Valve also thanked the beta testers who ensured the release of the improved client and encouraged users to share their suggestions and requests for the next update.


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