New patch adds three variations of boss marathon mode to

New patch adds three variations of boss marathon mode to Metroid Dread

Publishing house Nintendo and development studio MercurySteam reported on the release of the free content update 2.1.0 announced in February for its action platformer Metroid Dread.

    Image source: Nintendo

Image source: Nintendo

Recall that with the addition of Novice and Nightmare difficulty levels to Metroid Dread, the developers promised to release a patch with the Boss Marathon mode in April, in which it will be possible to fight the main bosses of the game without interruption battle.

“Boss Run” opens after the main story and offers to defeat 12 bosses as quickly as possible (health is transferred, weapons are restored). A lost fight may be restarted, but at the cost of penalty time.

In addition to the usual “boss marathon”, there are two other variants to choose from:

  • Survival Marathon – Unlocked after completing Boss Marathon or Nightmare Marathon. All bosses must be defeated within 5 minutes. Time is credited for defeating an enemy (more if done without taking damage). Death means the end of the race;
  • Marathon Nightmare – Unlocked after beating the game on Nightmare difficulty. The rules are similar to Boss Marathon, but death occurs after missing a hit from the opponent.

Metroid Dread debuted exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 8th, 2021. Critics agreed the game was worth the long wait, with sales of over 2.7 million copies by the end of the year.


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