New mechanical parts of the Apple Watch Ultra are

New mechanical parts of the Apple Watch Ultra are exclusively made using 3D printing

The introduction of 3D printing technology into the production process of Apple products is actively progressing. This approach is expected to be used for some mechanical parts of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

    Image source: krzysztof-m / ​​​​Pixabay

Image source: krzysztof-m / ​​​​Pixabay

According to a study by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, Apple is actively using 3D printing technology. Some titanium parts for the new Apple Watch Ultra are expected to be made using this method. While 3D printed mechanical parts are still CNC machined to this day, this helps to optimize production time and reduce costs.

Farsoon and BLT are 3D printer suppliers for the manufacture of mechanical parts for the Apple Watch Ultra, while IPG Photonics supplies laser components. It is believed that if the collaboration is successful, more and more Apple products will be made using 3D printing technology. This not only reduces production costs and improves performance.Sustainable development(ESG) in Apple’s supply chain, but will also benefit named suppliers as part of this new manufacturing trend.

The introduction of 3D printing technology into Apple’s manufacturing process will lead to significant optimization of production time and cost reduction of the company’s products. These are just some of the advantages that open up new possibilities for the development and use of 3D printing in the electronics industry, not only for Apple.

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