New item HUAWEI Watch Buds Smartwatch and wireless headphones in

New item: HUAWEI Watch Buds: Smartwatch and wireless headphones in one

Huawei really isn’t afraid to experiment in the field of wearable electronics. The Huawei Watch Buds are another embodiment of bold technical thinking – watches with built-in… headphones. More specifically, a watch with an integrated headphone case. Yes, they hide in there.

The watch case can be opened – that is, the dial turns out to be the case cover at the same time. The case is opened by pressing a special “pedal” button at the bottom edge. And inside there are two TWS earphones without separation into right and left. They are magnetized in special grooves and can be attached both above and below – magnets are everywhere.

For more information about the HUAWEI Watch Buds, please visit our review.

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