New Generation Open World Survival New details and concept art

New Generation Open World Survival: New details and concept art for Dune by Funcom

Back in 2019, Funcom announced the development of projects based on Frank Herbert’s Dune. One of them will be in the survival genre. And now it became known that the project will offer players an open world. Funcom is currently active extraction Employees to develop their “Dune”.

    concept art.  Image source: Funcom

concept art. Image source: Funcom

Explanation on the official website: “Since the ’90s, Funcom has honed its craft, creating unforgettable experiences in immersive universes and achieving enduring success with games like Conan Exiles. With a team of experienced developers from over 30 countries, we are now looking for new voices to complement our most ambitious project set on Arrakis“.

Funcom added that the project is “Next Generation Open World Survival Game”, apparently in some ways similar to Conan Exiles. Additionally, new concept art has been discovered on the site. The project is being developed together with the German studio Nukklar Digital Minds. This will be Funcom’s second entry in the Dune franchise, following the 4X real-time strategy game Dune: Spice Wars, which released on Steam Early Access earlier this year.

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