New game from the ex BioWare boss with a sci fi setting

New game from the ex-BioWare boss with a sci-fi setting and character focus

Independent Canadian studio Humanoid, founded by former BioWare general manager Casey Hudson, has updated official site additional details of his first game.

Image Credit: Humanoid Studios

Image Credit: Humanoid Studios

Recall that in June 2021, at the beginning of Humanoid Studios, their debut project was described as an innovative game based on unknown intellectual property on the Unreal Engine.

It has now been revealed that it will be set in a new sci-fi universe, with a focus on storytelling and characters, a big budget (AAA) and a multi-platform release.

Humanoid Studios’ website also now features four concept art (see gallery above) with a clear sci-fi twist, but whether or not they all belong to the team’s debut project is unknown.

portal journalists Chronicle of Video Games Ironically, Humanoid Studios already has at least 17 employees, and another 14 positions (artists, programmers, screenwriters, designers) are available in the job offers section.



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